Spelling Pretest #19 (Find and fix the mistakes for extra credit!)
1. Wild animals have different habits in captivaty.
2. Huck witnessed a murder in the semetary.
3. Do not critisize what you donít understand.
4. Your research paper needed a "Works (Sited, Cited, Sighted)" page.
5. Good disapline helps you learn better.
6. Throw him into the dungun and chain him to the wall.
7. Cars do much enviromental damage.
8. After the long race, Joey was very  fatiged.
9. Though he was macho, his name was rather femanin.
10. He regastered at the hotel using a fictisious name.
11. We found a dinasaur  fossle in the creek bed.
12. Our galexy of stars is called the Milky Way.
13. Put a goz bandage on that cut.
14.Try to put some personality into your writing, so it won't be too generic.
15. Is this UFO sighting  genuwine, or is is another hoax?
16. He flailed his arms and made wild jestures.
17. My computer has a good grafics program.
18. Most species go extinct because of loss of habatat.
19. The restaurantís decorations were ugly, but the quisine was delicious.
20. Learn about your familyís heratige.
21. The thief was stelthy, and crept silent.
22. Most reservors, like Lopez Lake; are created by building dams.
23. Exercise increases your metabolism and heart rate.
24. Quit being so imature. Act your age!
25. Cancer is not an infectouse disease. You canít catch it from someone else.