Spellling Pretest #22 (Review)
  1. Please give us a demenstration.
  2. Have you regestered for school yet?
  3. New York City has a very high population dencity.
  4. Everyone should participate in after-school activatys.
  5. You will soon face many important dicisions in you're life.
  6. To asstonish is to amaze.
  7. The order was very spesific; six pares of pants.
  8. She is a reletive of mine; a cousin, I think.
  9. She was extremly nervouse before the show.
  10. Windrider was a dragon in a previus lifetime.
  11. He had alot of incite into the problem, and offer many solutions.
  12. After stoping at the stop sign, you may procede if it is safe.
  13. That asinement is worth forty-five points.
  14.  We were waiting for the flood waters to reseed so we could move back into our home.
  15.  Going into the burning building took a lot of courege.
  16.  Joey is a very consciencious  worker who always does his best.
  17.  He recieved only a miner  bruse in the accident.
  18. In the begging of the year, we learned how to spell that word.
  19. An ID is recquired to get into that club.
  20. You can't be searious about running away from home!
  21. Use scisors to cut out the coupon.
  22. I'm sorry, but I disagree.
  23. She became a famous celebrety who was known by millions.
  24. The movies special uffects were very cool.
  25. She had a very friendly dissposition; she was liked by everyone.
  26. Those two paintings are rather simalar.
  27. He has great athletic abilety.
  28. Please have the savvy not to abuze the priviledges you have.
  29. What a terrible asckadent!
  30. That's none of your bizness.
Extra Credit: This time, there are so many mistakes to find and fix, you don't get any extra credit until you find two. Example: If you find one mistake (or two), no bonus. If you find three, you get a plus 1.