Spelling Test #1
1. Exercise improves your physical fitnes.
2. The Olympics happen every four years.
3. The obstacle course will improve your agilaty.
4. Running improves your indurance so you donít get tired as quickly.
5. He has the strenth of ten men.
6. Drummers are supposed to have some rhythme.
7. We have band rehersal tonight.
8. Turn the valv and release the water.
9. The chorus of the song goes, "La, La, La."
10. She plays the violin in the orchestera.
11. The table was made of mahagany wood.
12. Use a wrench to loosen the bolt.
13. A triangel has three sides.
14. That was a very humurous joke; it made me laugh.
15. I was very suspisious of the man in the black coat.
16. I caught an enormouse trout fishing the other day!
17. Your room is discussting; please clean it up.
18. Puncuation is very important to the meaning of the sentence.
19. I was jealous of my friends bike.
20. You will perform many experements in science class.
21. The coach accused me of being too ___________. He thought I need to take the game more seriously.
22. The troops stepped ____________ through the minefield.
23. You will ________ the day you lied to him! He never forgets!
24. Though some might call him wierd, he preferred to be called a non___________ist.
25. After loosing ten games in a row, the teamís outlook for winning the championship was __________.
26. Dallas grew up on the streets of New York so he has a lot of street ---__________.
27. For some strange un___________able reason Two-Bit liked school.
 bleak, nonchalant, gingerly, rue, savvy, conform, fathom,
28. (2)Explain and give an example of the difference between connotation and denotation.
29. What is 90% of 40?     30.(2) A metaphor/simile is a... An example isÖ
31.  (2) Which doesnít fit and why? gross, fun, green, scary, ugly
32.  (2)According to Pony, what is the difference between a pack and a gang?
33.  (2)What is the origin of Two-Bitís name?  34. (2)According to Pony, what is the difference between tuff and tough? Which is better?