Mr. Coward and Mr. Brazil: 8th Grade English

Maus Study Questions: Chapter 2: "The Honeymoon" (5 points total)

  1. True or False.  Anja's father is a stingy skinflint: he does not want to help Vladek and Anja.

  3. Where do Anja and Vladek go, when Anja is suffering from post-partum depression?

  4. a) Disneyland.  b) a sanitarium in Czechoslovakia.  c) the World's Fair in New York.
    d) Sosnowiec.
  5. How can we easily tell that Richieu's governess, (nanny), is a non-Jewish Pole?

  7. As an old man, what is unusual about Vladek's left eye?  (Hint: this is his "perfect" eye).

  9. Why doesn't Vladek tell the young doctor about his left eye?  a) he doesn't want to embarrass the doctor.  b) he is afraid the doctor will not want to fix his right eye.  c) he figures the doctor should know what he is doing.  d) he wants to make fun of the doctor.