Mr. Coward and Mr. Brazil: 8th Grade English

Maus II Study Questions: Chapter 1: "Mauschwitz" (40 points total)

  1. (2) Maus II is dedicated to Richieu and Nadja. For 1 point each, identify these two children.

  3. What is the significance of the number 175113?

  5. (2) Who is Francoise?  Why is Art Spiegelman unsure of how to draw her?

  7. Vladek calls and says that he has had a heart attack.  What really happened?

  9. What is your reaction to Mala's sudden departure?

  11. How does Artie feel about Richieu?

  13. (12) Compare Francoise to Anja and Mala: (the other two major female characters in Maus).

  14. -List positive attributes of each of these characters.
    -List any negative attributes of each of these characters.
    -List the reasons that each of these characters might appeal to Artie.
  15. (2) Vladek makes a huge fuss about matches and salt, even though they are very inexpensive.

  16. -Why is this so important to Vladek?
    -Why might this be a problem for him in his life?
  17. (2) The Karps are also Auschwitz survivors.

  18. -How are they similar to Vladek?
    -How is their situation different than Vladek's?
  19. (2) Do Artie and Francoise have a restful vacation at Vladek's bungalow in the Catskills?

  20. -Why or why not?
  21. (2) Vladek continues to tell his story to Artie.  We see our first glimpses of the living nightmare

  22. which was Auschwitz.  Vladek says: "They took from us our papers, our clothes and our hair..."

    -What does he specifically mean by this statement?
    -Why did the Germans process new arrivals to Auschwitz in this manner?
  23. Consider how clothes were given to the prisoners.  Why did the Germans use this method?

  25. (4) A fellow prisoner, who is a Polish priest, tells Vladek about his number.

  26. -List three reasons why Vladek's number is auspicious.
    -How do these details help Vladek to better cope with the conditions of Auschwitz?
  27. (2) Why is Mandelbaum's situation funny?  Why is it sad?

  29. (3) How is Vladek able to help the Kapo?  How does this benefit Vladek?  Mandelbaum?

  31. (2) Vladek tells Artie a story about playing Bingo at The Pines.

  32. -Why is this story important enough to include in Maus II?
    -How might it help us to have more sympathy for the old man version of Vladek?