Mr. Coward and Mr. Brazil: 8th Grade English

Maus II Study Questions: Chapter 3: "...And Here My Troubles Began..." (20 points total)

  1. (3) What is Vladek counting at the beginning of Chapter 3?  Why is this funny?  Why is it sad?

  3. (2) Why is Vladek so concerned about not wasting food?  Do you agree with him?

  5. (3) Artie wonders why the Jews in Auschwitz did not try harder to resist the Nazis.

  6. -What risks were connected to resisting the Nazis?
    -What were the advantages of cooperating with the Nazis?
    -What was an obvious disadvantage of always cooperating with the Nazis?
  7. Why does Vladek's plan to escape from Auschwitz fail?

  9. Vladek marches nearly 200 miles from Auschwitz to Gross-Rosen.

  10. -What happens to the people who cannot keep up?
  11. (2) Next, Vladek is packed into a train cattle car with about 200 other prisoners.

  12. -How does he survive that ordeal?  (hint: there is no food or water in the train car).
    -Does it surprise you that Vladek shows little concern for all those who died in his train car?
       (he says "They closed us again.  We were very happy, we had now room where to stand.")
  13. On page 89, Francoise says, "I'll bet you that Anja's notebooks were written on both sides of the page..."

  14. -What does her comment tell you about how she views Vladek?
  15. Where do Vladek's troubles begin?  (hint: not in Auschwitz)

  16. .
  17. What is the number one killer in Dachau?  (hint: it is what almost kills Vladek).

  19. How does Vladek "organize" so that he and his French friend were always able to get soup?

  21. How is Vladek able to get on the train which carries him away from Dachau?

  22. -(hint: how does he "pay" for the assistance of others).
  23. (3) Francoise picks up a friendly hitch-hiker; but Vladek is outraged.

  24. -Why does Vladek object so strongly to the hitch-hiker? (hint: what characteristic of the hitch-hiker?)
    -What does Vladek think the hitch-hiker will do?
    -Does this incident surprise you, considering how well Vladek usually gets along with strangers?