Mr. Coward and Mr. Brazil: 8th Grade English

Maus II Study Questions: Chapter 5: "The Second Honeymoon" (30 points total)

  1. (3) Chapter 5 begins with Artie listening to a tape recording of Vladek describing Richieu's death.

  2. -What literary device is Art Spiegelman using here?
    -Why is that portion of Vladek's tape so important to the story as a whole?
    -How might things have been different if Tosha and the children had survived the war?
  3. On page 121, why does Mala call Artie?

  5. (2) How did Mala and Vladek get back together?

  6. -Do you consider their reunion a good thing? (why or why not?).
  7. (2) Vladek sees a small plane, which reminds him of when he and Anja left Poland after the war.

  8. -Why didn't Vladek and Anja just stay in Poland?
    -Why do you think Jewish people might have instinctively chosen to leave Poland after the war?
  9. Vladek is a successful businessman in Sweden, and Artie is born as a Swedish citizen.

  10. -If Sweden is such a good place, why does Anja insist on moving to New York?  (hint: see page 114).
  11. Shivek's brother is happily married to a gentile.  What is different about his children? (hint: see page 131).

  13. Anja has her fortune told by a Gypsy moth.  Why does that experience give her hope?

  15. On page 136, when Vladek is finally reunited with Anja, he says with great sincerity:

  16. "More I don't need to tell you.  We were both very happy, and lived happy, happy ever after".

    -Considering what you have read in Maus and Maus II, why is this such a sad and ironic statement?
  17. (4) Vladek's last line in the book is "I'm tired from talking, Richieu, and it's enough stories for now..."

  18. -Why is this such a great line?
    -What does it tell us about Vladek?
    -What does it tell us about Artie?
    -Why do you think Art Spiegelman chose to end his Maus books in this manner?
  19. (12) On page 136, we learn that Art Spiegelman worked on Maus and Maus II for 14 years: (1978-1991).

  20. We also learn that neither Anja nor Vladek lived long enough to see their stories published in book form.

    -List three reasons why Vladek would approve of these books?
    -List three reasons why Vladek would not approve of these books?
    -List three reasons why Anja would approve of these books?
    -List three reasons why Anja would not approve of these books?
  21. (2) Considering your answers to the previous question:

  22. -Would Vladek and Anja be pleased to know that you have learned so much about their lives?
    -Does your knowing their stories attach greater meaning and/or value to their lives?