Eighth Grade English: Mr. Coward & Mr. Brazil
Maus Projects: Due Thursday May 6th

Option #1: Technical Writing: Vladek Designs a Hide-Away Bunker

--As Vladek, you will design a long-term, sustainable, hide-away bunker for Vladek, Anja, and Richieu:
· Be sure to make your hide-away bunker appropriate for 1943 Occupied Poland. (technology, materials, etc.)
· Be sure to address all of the necessities of life: air, water, food, shelter, sanitation, and heat in the winter.

    1. You may write a how-to manual for constructing the bunker, or a technical document which describes the bunker.
    2. You may draw, or draft, a diagram which provides dimensions, and addresses the necessities listed above.
    3. You may construct a scale model which addresses the above requirements.
    4. You may create a facsimile page from Maus, showing Vladek, as an old man, explaining to Artie how he was able to
        construct a hide-away bunker which allowed Anja, Richieu, and him, to safely hide and survive, until the end of  W.W.II.

 (You must specify where your page fits into Maus. You will  want your page to look nearly identical to Mr. Spiegelman's work).

Option #2: Business Writing: Vladek's 1947 NYC Resume and Cover Letter

--As Vladek, you will choose to apply for one of these three possible jobs:
    1. Wholesale Sales Representative for Simon and Green Clothiers.
    2. Shoe Factory Shop Foreman for Florsheim Shoes.
    3. Roofing Foreman and Job Supervisor for Allied Tin.
--As Vladek, you will create an appropriate resume and cover letter that includes the following:
    1. Biographical Data: using Maus and Maus II as the source for your information.
    2. Relevant Work Experience: using Maus and Maus II as the source for your information.
    3. A Persuasive Argument: explaining why you, as Vladek, are the most qualified candidate for this job.

Option #3: Public Speaking: Vladek's 1947 NYC Job Interview

--As Vladek, You will formulate answers to the following questions, and respond to them in an oral interview.
    1. How did you find out about our job opportunity? 2. What previous knowledge do you have about our company?
    3. Do you know anyone who currently works for our company?  4. If so, would they be willing to vouch for you?
    5. Why are you interested in working for our company?  6. Which of your qualifications makes you best suited for this job?
    7. Why should we choose you, rather than another applicant?  8. When will you be available to begin working for us?
    9. Will you be willing to travel or relocate, if necessary?  10. Do you expect to stay with our company for many years?

     · You may type out your answers, and read from that script during your interview.
     · You may answer the questions, without a script, and opt to have your interview tape recorded.
     · You may create a facsimile page from Maus II, which shows Vladek telling Artie about this job interview.

(You must specify where your page fits into Maus II. You will want your page to look nearly identical to Mr. Spiegelman's work).

How You Will Be Graded on this Project

--There will be a four part Rubric for Grading: 100 points possible.
    1. Project should demonstrate your understanding of the book, characters, themes, etc.[1-30 points possible]
    2. Project should directly address any technical requirements specified by the directions.[1-30 points possible]
    3. Project should exhibit a high quality of workmanshipócorrectness, neatness, etc. [1-20 points possible]
    4. Project should showcase your creative talents and abilities. [1-20 points possible]

              * Please note: exceptional projects may also receive up to 10 points of extra credit.*