Practice for Academic Word List 7
  1. The training the employee received was NOT _________________; it only covered the bare basics of the job.  a) adapt  b) phenomenon  c) finite  d) comprehensive  e) ultimate
  2. The employees at Google are encouraged to _____________, and come up with new ideas.  a) differentiate  b) simulate  c) extract  d) confirm  e) innovate
  3. Recent polls show that a slight majority of people ______________ the death penalty for some crimes.  a) successor  b) extract  c) advocate  d) confirm  e) comprise
  4. Even though it looks like it goes forever, the universe is ____________.  a) dispose  b) comprehensive  c) finite  d) phenomenon  e) hierarchy
  5. Everyone was talking about the strange _______________ that appeared in the sky yesterday.  a) hierarchy  b) advocate  c) successor  d) ultimate  e) phenomenon
  6. The essay _____________(ed) three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.  a) hierarchy  b) confirm  c) comprehensive  d) comprise  e) submit
  7. There was a rumor going around school, but it was just (un)__________(ed) gossip.  a) phenomenon  b) confirm  c) comprise  d) adapt  e) prohibit
  8. In the military, the ____________ of command is very important.  a) phenomenon  b) submit  c) advocate  d) differentiate  e) hierarchy
  9. Soldiers are trained to _____________ to authority. a) hierarchy  b) convert  c) submit  d) advocate  e) differentiate
  10. I don't really know why I argued with my mom all day; maybe I was just feeling ___________.  a) phenomenon  b) advocate  c) ultimate  d) comprehensive  e) contrary