Recognizing Adjectives

The teacher refused to let her class study Ivanhoe because she said it contained too much
__  __  __  __  __     __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __.
 8   5    13   3  12     10   6    2    9    4   7   11   1

To find out what the teacher said, decide which of the three underlined words is an adjective. Then write the first letter of that word into the appropriately numbered space. (Remember that adjectives describe nouns, and answer the questions "which’" "what kind," and "how many.")

1. Grandpa always told us exciting tales about his boyhood in the "old country."
2. He will probably be reelected, since his performance during his term in office has been outstanding.
3. Among older workers there is less absenteeism and greater productivity.
4. This painting appears to be an exact copy of an earlier work.
5. Visiting the site of ancient Troy was an experience I will never forget.
6. Bud’s reply to the teacher’s question was instantaneous.
7. The salesman said he was nervous because it was his first day on the job.
8. Helen is a more sensible girl than her.
9. I wonder how Vivian can afford to wear the very latest styles.
10. Vigorous exercise several times a week is recommended for keeping muscles in good condition.
11. As he stared at the trophy, he pictured himself making the crucial hit that won the game.
12. Neglected children often have serious psychological problems that get them into trouble.
13. Water shortages in parts of the United States have forced the growing of xeric plants. (Xeric means, "requiring little water.")