Which of this week's spelling words are these?
sssuuiiopc: It is sometimes good to be this, especially with strangers.
samnren: You need these to be a good member of society.
pihangpen: Taking place.
Now try this: In each sentence below is a word which, when its letters are rearranged, will form the word needed in the blank. Decide which word it is , write it down, and then write the anagram that fits in the blank. (10/10 = +3, 9/10 = +2, 8/10 = +1)
  1. Most of our fancy ________ come from the far East.
  2. I may use a _______ instead of a sweet potato in this new recipe.
  3. Part of the problem with this rabbit _______ is that it can cause injury to the rabbit.
  4. He _______ the state contest and will now enter the regional competition.
  5. Among the ______ the robber took was a tool that Allen uses in his work.
  6. It took _______ men to pull in the net with the fish.
  7. After you put away the pots and pans, you can _______ for the day.
  8. The diet of the men on these athletic _________ includes lots of whole grain cereals, vegetables, and meats.
  9. Don't __________ at that girl over there; she is already in tears.
  10. If you follow this procedure you can _________ my results every time.
For these ones you will have to rearrange two consecutive words to form the word needed in the blank.
  1. The ______ sold a number of properties, but was unable to sell the rear lot.
  2. When Rod entered, the other ________ in the newspaper office laughed at Rod's tie.
  3. The _______ was a great help to people in the 1900's, since it enabled them to communicate long distances through the use of Morse Code.
  4. I found my shoes, but was in a state of _______ because I couldn't find Ed's pair of shoes.
  5. The natives are going to help Nate capture the _____ and ship it to the zoo.
  6. (bonus) A real pall settled over the members of the city council when they learned that the new highway would run _________ to the main shopping street instead of intersecting it.