Thursday, 4/16/15
Tomorrow's Test: Spelling, Vocabulary, Vladek, Husker Du.
Welcome, Guest Teacher.

Warm Up.  ** = vocabulary.  Collaborative. (15p)
  1. **  This word's roots mean "to bend/lean inward." _________
  2. **  This word's root comes from the name of the Goddess of Love. _________
  3. **  The root of this word is French for "high." _______
  4. ** villain : hate :: hero : ___    
  5. ** The guitarist was very good at _________(ing) solos. He could make up great melodies off the top of his head. 
  6. ** The students in the MP are far from _____ when it comes to cleaning up after themselves at break and lunch.  
  7. ** The annoying kids taunted the dog over the fence until he was _____(ed) enough to jump it. 
  8. ** The _______ waiter smirked when I remarked that it was odd that a French restaurant didn't even have French fries on the menu.
  9. ** (2) The word _____ is similar in meaning to the word _______, but takes the attitude to another level.  (The order matters.)
  10. ** Years of work were need for the CIA agent to _____ himself into the terrorist organization.
  11. ** After three warnings, Scott was _____(ed) to the "naughty chair."  
  12. ** He was insufferably ______ about getting an exemption on the vocabulary test.   (not haughty)
  13. ** (2) After years of ______(ion) from the fans, the movie star had gotten too _____ to sign autographs for the "little people" who made her such a star. 

Spelling Practice for Test. Not Collaborative.
Choose the incorrectly spelled word and write it correctly, or write "all correct."
If you choose the incorrectly spelled word but spell it wrong again, it is still wrong.
  1. a) weigh  b) begining  c) crying  d) all correct
  2. a) couragous  b) families  c) drier  d) all correct
  3. a) occupying  b) dependible  c) guidance  d) all correct
  4. a) believe  b) incredible  c) recieve  d) all correct
  5. a) arrangement  b) nieghbor  c) horrible  d) all correct
  6. a) mischief  b) possible  c) hoping  d) all correct

Finish Maus Log if not already.

Vladek aloud.