Tuesday, 4/21/15
Warm Up. Copy 1-4, including the underlining. (14p) ** = vocabulary. * = spelling.  For spelling, choose from: nervous, attach, allergy, appetite, embarrass, soothe, commercial, parallel, opponent.
  1. * flagpole : perpendicular :: train tracks : _______
  2. * satisfy : disappoint :: separate : _______
  3. * mom : soothe :: _______ : embarrass
  4. * ill-suited : appropriate :: confident : _______(2)

  5. ** ______
  6. **______
  7. **______
  8. **Art Speigelman didn't want to show his father as a racist___________  of a Jew, but he wanted to show him honestly.
  9. **Some people see boxing as legally ___________(ed) violence.
  10. **(2) It was a ________ problem, with many _______(s) to consider...
  11. **...so I had to look at  all my options before deciding how to _______ the situation. (not conduct)
  12. **Please ________ yourself properly in the library.
Correct Transitions 1-5.  for example, finally, but, so, still, beyond, to the left, inside
  1. I would like to see you tomorrow, _______ let’s have lunch together.
  2. My sister loves to eat, ________ I don’t care much about food.
  3. When you begin an exercise program, you must be careful not to overdo it.
  4. My father, ________, hurt his back by exercising too hard without warming up first.
  5. She had looked everywhere for a job; _____, she was called for an interview.
Practice. Combine each group of sentences with  appropriate transition words/phrases.
  1. I ate lunch yesterday. It was cheap. It was good.
  2. You must report it. You are in a car accident. There is no damage.
If not already completed, finish Maus Log.
  1. What are the sketches at the top of page 11 all about?
  2. What is Artie's final decision? (You had better get THIS one correct at least.)
  3. Why did Vladek ask Artie and Francoise to come stay with him?
  4. (quote) What was one of the things Artie used to think a lot or fantasize about as a kid? 
  5. (quote) What does Artie mean when he says he had a "sibling rivalry with a snapshot"?
  6. (quote) Why does Artie say it's so hard to tell Vladek's story in comic form?
  7. Give one example from Book II of Vladek's skinflint behavior.
  8. What do all the people close to Vladek (current family and friends) have in common?
  9. (2) What do you think of Mala's decision? Explain your reason(s).

If/when finished...   Indefinite Pronouns handout.
1. Read aloud/ Go over top half p67.
2. Collaborators do 1-12 on p67.
3. Correct w/vomunteers.
4. Collaborators do Part A on p68.
5. Correct w/volunteers.
6. Collaborators do part B on p68.
7. Correct w/volunteers.

Time? Vladek aloud.