Thursday, 4/23/15
Tomorrow's Test: Spelling, Vocabulary, Transitions, Maus, Husker Du

I.  Warm Up. All vocab. Yes Collaborators, you will use words more than once. (14)
  1. The essay prompt asked you to compare and ______ the two characters.
  2. (2) He made a speech to the whole school asking for ______ for his terrible ______ at the assembly.
  3. My brother found my ______ of candy and ate it all.
  4. If you pass math and English, you will be _______(ed) to eighth grade.
  5. (2) The industrial ______ was full of ______ machinery.
  6. I politely ______(ed) Trevor about borrowing his Porsche for my date.
  7. (3) I liked almost every ______ of the new teacher's ______ to _____(ing) her class. (The order matters.)
  8. She received a _______(ion) at work and was now in charge of an entire department.
  9. In some ways, many people's perception of a typical seventh grader is both a stereotype and a _______ of what a real seventh grader is.
  10. Which one is the allegory?  a) Using animals instead of people in Maus.  b) The early bird gets the worm.  c) "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"  d) He slept like a rock.  e) B and D.  f) All are allegories.  g) None are allegories.

II. Vocabulary Relay!

III. Old School Spelling Pretest. I say the word; you spell the word. 1-10.

IV. Transitions H/W.
meanwhile, furthermore, first, third, in fact, until then, consequently, in contrast
V. Vladek.
Maus Log for Book II, Chapter 2.
  1. What makes Artie shrink down again on p47?
  2. What is a barrack?
  3. What was an Appel?
  4. What was a Selektion?
  5. (quote) Why does the tin shop foreman, Yidl, dislike Vladek?
  6. How does Vladek win him over?
  7. How does Vladek get Anja's kapo to stop mistreating her?
  8. Vladek's first job as a tin man was working on the roofs at Birkenau. What was his second job as a tin man at Auschwitz?
  9. What does Vladek's last quote on p70 mean?