Title of Paper:                                                                                                 Name:
Genre:                                                                                                            Period:

Get three people whose opinion you trust to read your first draft. One must be Mom or Dad.
I. Rough Draft Comments
1A. Something Good:
1B. Suggestion:
1C: Signature:
2A. Something Good:
2B. Suggestion :
2C. Signature:
3A. Something Good
3B. Suggestion:

3C. Signature:

II. After considering their suggestions, rewrite. Then show me 2nd draft and reader comments before continuing on to final draft and rest of Evaluation Sheet. I must see your second draft and reader comments by __________.
III. After final draft is done:
1. How much time did you spend on this paper? Include all rough drafting, brainstorming, rewriting, and getting people to read your paper.
2. Describe the process you went through to create this paper. Why did you choose the topic you did? What did you do to think of ideas to write about? How did you go about revising? What problems did you have with this paper?


3. What grade would you put on this paper? Why?What are the strengths/weaknesses of this paper?

4. What did you learn about yourself as a writer and a thinker as a result of writing this paper? How do you think you improved as a writer as a result of writing this paper?