Wednesday, 8/27/14
"Unpack Your Adjectives"
Warm Up. Copy and Click. Write the answer, not the letter. * = Do not copy.
  1. law : legal :: _______ : mechanical    a) mechanic  b) machine  c) lawyer  d) robot  e) NOTA
  2. Green Eggs and Ham : 1st person :: Hatchet : _______    a) 1st person narrator  b) 2nd person narrator c) 3rd person narrator d) 4th person narrator
  3. A motto is...  a) a short poem  b) a funny saying  c) words to live by  d) an advertising slogan  e) NOTA
  4. 90 % of 40 = ____   a) 4  b) 30  c) 35  d) 36  e) NOTA
  5. *Choose the one that is incorrectly spelled, and write the word correctly. If all are correct, write and click "all correct." a) equiptment  b) laboratory  c) multiply  d) parallel  e) all correct
  6. *Based on the video, write a definition of what an adjective is/does.  "An adjective is a word that..."

 "Delinquent" by Langston Hughes.

connotation (n): what a word makes you think about  (co- means together or with)
denotation (n): dictionary definition
savvy (v, n, adj): dig, ability to dig, showing the ability to dig

The Outsiders
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