Interviews with Our Elders, 2018.

Featured Interviews:
Elliott C. - The Third Man  *  Rahid C. - The First Woman Engineer   *   Lucy M. - Going Back in Time with Grandpa   *   Keera E. - Back In Time
Iain V. - A Walk Down Memory Lane   *   Alek N. - The Exotic Troubles of Ba   *   Alex K. - Voyage Into the Past With Vicki   *   Avery W. - Grandma’s Life

Misty W. - Strong and Independent    *    Holly S. - Seeing Through Different Eyes   *   Mitchell C. - Dag Nabbit   *   Rylee K. - Blast to the Past

Period One.
Ricky E. - The Untold Story Of a National Guardsman's Youth
Brandon J. - Turning Back Time with Adriana Gibson
Alec M. - The Supply Sergeant
Mateo T. - Back to the Past
Allison C. - Interview
Logan J. - The Young Life of Bonnie
Mia J. - A Step into the Past with Memere
Joel S. - Interview
Aidan B. - The Questioning
Mack G. - You Thought You Knew Him
Charlie F. - My Grandma, Then and Now
Scout S. - Interview with Melony
Vincent M. - Taking a Dive into the Hard Past
Hari M. - The Real Life of an Immigrant
Max M. - Marty we’re going Back to the Past! 
Kalea B. - My Grandpa, Mike Doroski
Danyelle H. - Interesting life after all
James G. - The Questioning
Griffin S. - The Adventurous Life of Ed Curtis

Baylor S.
Alex G.
Period Two.
Isabella O. -My Overly Excited Grandma
Kaitlyn B. - Back to the Past
Mizuki S. - Walking in my Grandapa's Past: Eduardo Resendiz
Jordan V. - A Blast Into The Past
Jai P. - A Blast From the Past
Edward C. - Blast to the Chinese Past (Featuring-Grandma)
Colby W. - What it was Like Back Then
Andrew B. - An Architect's Past
Brooklyn P. - Walking into Another's Past
Kyran B. - The Blitz
Grant S. - A Glimpse Into the Past
Eli R. - A Memory of the Past
Owen P. - My Grandma, Sharon Pearson
Marcus R. - An Interview In Time
Kiara E. - A Blast of The Past
Alondra S. - My Grandpa's Story
Layla W. - Peek in the Past With Irene Vejar
Mark R. - Leap into Papa’s Life
Kylie T. - Mingling with Mimi
Eliana Z. - Always Explore
Ali C. -
Sophie G. -
Period Three
Atticus F. - A Look at Grandma Pie's Past
Zach O. - Up The Street
Henry C. - Interview with Grandma (Aminah Raheem Smith)
Thomas B. - The story of Grandpa Jensen: Starring David Jensen
Avery W. - Grandma’s Life
Cole R. - An Interview with Opa
Monet N. - In the Life of Marlene Barrett
Caleb S. - Kelly Holden
Victor M. - Interview
Vanessa C. - A Walk Down Memory Lane
Sefton S. - The Building Over
Lea R. - Peeking into the Past
Parker B. - The LIFE OF Grandma DANNA
Logan G. - An Adventure Through Two Countries
Elle J. - Eustace Bagge
Jimarri N. - The Good Old Days with My Grandma
Aidan R. - Band of Paupers
Silas W. - Interview
Ella S. - Getting to Know the Past
Donovan F.
Leo Z.
Sophia L.
Jesse D.
Mikae O.
Period Five.
Charlotte S. - A Step Into the Past
Coleman H. - Papa's Past
Gabbi W. - Learning My Grandma’s Past
Adam B. - Interview
Coen C. - A Blast to the Past: Featuring Richard Carlberg
Erin G. - Good Old Grandma
Gavin H. - Childhood in the 50s
Aidan M. -The Past
Wes M. - The Old Musician
Daniel P. - A Glimpse Of The Past
Brooklyn V. - 1955
Madely T. - The Fishmonger
Abigail S. - God, Divorce, Undercover Operative: The Story of a Strong Woman
Jai S. -Interview
Milla R. - Ode to Grandpa
Syndee Q. - Jim Ritterbush
Brady B. - Beppa’s Happy Life
Kimberly R. Words from the Wise
Isaly T. - How Life was for my Grandma
Jonathan C. - Pato
Roy E.
Esdras C.