Charlotte Doyle 20-end

   1. Who was Jaggery's informant all along?  a) Zachariah  b) Keetch  c) Barlow  d) Johnson  e) None of the above.
   2. Jaggery never actually admits to Charlotte that he killed Hollybrass.  a) True  b) False
   3. Jaggery says that the most important thing in the world is "obedience." a) True  b) False
   4. Which of these choices does Jaggery not give Charlotte when he catches her? a) To be hanged.  b) To go ahead with their plan.  c) To go back to her proper place.  d) To apologize to the captain and be punished when they arrive in RI.  e) He gives her all these options.
   5. What does Jaggery tell the crew Charlotte was trying to do?  a) Do the crew harm.  b) Be a man.  c) Take over the ship.  d) Kill him. e) All of the above.
   6. What was Charlotte's reaction when Jaggery fell from the bowsprit? a) She tried to save him.  b) She was too far away to do anything.  c) She actually laughed.  d) She screamed.  e) None of the above.
   7. Who becomes captain now?  a) Keetch, because he's next in command.  b) Charlotte, because she stood up to Jaggery.  c) Zachariah because he helped the plot against Jaggery.  d) Johnson, because Keetch was a traitor, and Johnson is next in command.  e) None of the above; they're going "captain free.".

(p220-223) On a sailing ship in 1832:

   1. What are the "crossbars" on the mast called? And the highest ones are called...?
   2. What are the ropes the sailors use to climb the masts called?
   3. The bowsprit's job is to anchor the _______ sails.
   4. What's a cathead?
   5. How long is a watch?
   6. What does "watch and watch" mean?
   7. When Charlotte woke up at the beginning of ch. 4, and she heard 4 bells, what time was it? (2 possible answers.)