Tuesday, 12/2/14
Warm Up. Write the answer. (11p) Use your sheet and your group.
  a) b)
  1. (2) "This pic represents the word _______ because..." (a)
  2. (2) "This pic represents the word _______ because..." (b)
  3. (2) Which two vocabulary words this week have prefixes that mean not?
  4. The codeine in your cough syrup is a ______ of the same plant that is used to make heroin.
  5. Their relationship was rather _____, with many ups, downs, and in-betweens over the years.
  6. Which vocabulary word has a prefix that means again?
  7. Unlike the Socs, the greasers were considered to be _______ characters
  8. The engineer was fired because he was _________ and couldn't do his job properly.

RBC II. Bus Schedule.
Read A-D.
"MARK IT UP." (11p)

Add the following two questions to the sheet:
#6)  If you wanted to travel from Memorial Hospital to Lawrence Station on this line, and you catch the 8:14 bus, what time will you arrive at Lawrence Station?  a) 8:14  b) 8:25  c) 7:55  d) 8:28  e) You can't tell.
About how many hours of the day does this schedule show? a) 5  b) 7 1/2  c) 12  d) 17  e) You can't tell.