Thursday, 12/4/14 - Tomorrow's Test: Vocabulary (closed), Peasants' Life (open), MWA (open), Husker Du?
Warm Up. Write the word. (11p)

  1. (2) "This pic represents the word _____ because..."
  2. responsible : disreputable :: quiet : ________ (Bonus: Add an ending to another word and it becomes a 2nd correct answer!)
  3. The train wreck was the result of a(n) ______ engineer driving the train.
  4. (2) He bought his computer from a(n) ____ dealer, and when it broke the next day, they told him he was out of luck.
  5. The large donation was quite a(n) ______ for the poor little non-profit organization.
  6. Everyone promised to ______ by Judge Judy's decision.
  7. In the Middle Ages, they used to use cobwebs to help ______ bleeding.
  8. He's a ______ believer in the value of regular exercise. He exercises two hours a day.
  9. Give an example of a derivative of the word child.

"The Lifestyle of Medieval Peasants" Please do not write on the sheet.
Use a full page in your notebook for the notes.
Part 2. This time, read the page to yourself and take the notes. Then compare with your group.
(Day 1)
What two things controlled the peasants' lives?

What were their houses called?
What were they made of?

Why were the animals kept inside?

What were the effects of that?

Why was water both necessary and dangerous?

Why were people so dirty all the time? (3)

How were peasant children's lives different from yours? (3)

Vocabulary? List any words you don't know.

Focus words:
peasant, lord, water, house, dirty