Thursday, 12/11/14
Tomorrow's Test: V, RBC, MWA, ML, HD
Warm Up. Answer. (10p)

  1. What word?
  2. fear : pluck :: mourning : ______
  3. Unless you leave Laguna with some good reading and writing skills, you will _____ in high school. (not meander)
  4. The plucky young girl stood up to the bully who was ______(ing) her, and he backed down. 
  5. They say that remedy works, but nobody has tested its _______ in treating a cold.
  6. The book was a ______ of all the author's best stories and other writings. 
  7. The trail _________(ed) through the woods and then ran out.
  8. (p347)  Name a city on the map that is north of Billings. (Bonus: What state is Billings in?)
  9. (p347-2p)  What is the weather predicted for San Francisco?

Herbs and Superstition (p120-121)
What things did they look for in choosing herbs? (3-4)

Examples of ineffective herbs? (2)

Examples of effective herbs? (2)

Used today? (2)

MWA aloud.
What does Alyce need?
What is our inciting incident?