Thursday, 12/18/14
Tomorrow's "Test": Vocabulary, RBC- Buff.
a) b)
Bonus Questions:
a) What is this?
b) This is a large bowl of moss. What was it used for in the middle ages?

Vocabulary Warm Up.
  1. "Although able to ease a willing baby into the world, she had no idea how to encourage a ______ one."
  2. "Q was by far the most beautiful, she thought, even if it could not stand alone and must be accompanied everywhere by the ____ U."
  3. This is one of the biblical "seven deadly sins."
  4. "I am but a poor woman. I'm sure God does not ____ me my little economies."
  5. (After Alyce transformed the "stomach worm.") "The ______ father took the baby to his mother."
  6. Few creatures can survive on these _______ mountaintops.
  7. The quote in the paper was ______(ed) to him, but he says he never said it.
  8. Alyce doesn't realize that she has many good ______(s) like cleverness and curiosity.
  9. "From someone who had no place in the world, she had suddenly become someone with a _______ of places."
  10. Some hard-core environmentalists see humans as a ______ upon the earth. (Not glutton-y.)

RBC - White (p354-355. 10p)
  1. (3) What did you double-underline for question #1 on p354?
  2. What was the effect (box 1) of the cause: "Numbers of African elephants were very low"?
  3. What was the cause (box 2) for the effect: "Increase in numbers of African elephants" (box 3)?
  4. "...hunters wanted the biggest tusks they could find"  a) cause  b) effect
  5. "...tusks are half the size they were a hundred years ago."  a) cause  b) effect
  6. "...the demand for ivory greatly increased."  a) cause  b) effect
  7. What did you put in box #5?
  8. The ban on ivory trade didn't really help the elephants like people thought it would. a) True  b) False

Finish Alyce.

Final Alyce Quiz. (16p)
For the MC questions, write the LETTER with a CAPITAL LETTER.
  1. Why won't Alyce talk to Magister Reese at first?  a) She thinks she won't understand what he says.  b) She thinks she's unworthy.  c) She doesn't like him.  d) He won't talk to her.  e) NOTA
  2. Why was Magister Reese watching Alyce in the beginning?  a) Because she was pretty.  b) Because he wondered why she was so gloomy.  c) Because of the way the cat hung around her.  d) He's just weird.  e) NOTA
  3. When Magister Reese asked Alyce what she wanted, what did she NOT say?  a) to be free from hunger  b) to be rich  c) to fit into the world somehow  d) to be contented with her life  e) She said them all.
  4. Which of these is NOT one of Jennet's "economies"?  a) watering the beer  b) putting too much yeast in the bread  c) clean sheets on the big bed  d) sawdust in the piecrust  e) all of the above
  5. When the carpenter's assistant from the manor came to the inn, why did Alyce think he must be a knight or a mayor?
  6. When Will asks Alyce why she left, she tells him the truth.  a) True  b) False
  7. The midwife tells Magister Reese that Alyce was "not what she needed" in an apprentice because...
  8. What prompted Alyce to want to go check on Edward?  a) The carpenter's assistant said he might have been eaten by a goat.  b) Will had heard rumors that Edward wasn't doing well.  c) Alyce was watching a cow nuzzle her new calf.  d) The midwife said something that made her wonder.  e) NOTA
  9. When she does find Edward, he is glad she's come to take him away.  a) True  b) False
  10. What prompted Alyce's first cry?  a) When she couldn't find Edward.  b) When the cook said they looked like twins.  c) When Edward first hugged her.  d) When the carpenter's assistant said Edward might have been eaten by a goat.  e) NOTA
  11. What prompted Alyce's first laugh? 
  12. The part of the story where Alyce is considering all her various career options would be considered part of the ________.  a) climax  b) rising action  c) falling action  d) resolution  e) exposition
  13. The part of the story where Alyce delivers the merchant's wife's baby would be considered part of the ________. a) climax  b) rising action  c) falling action  d) resolution  e) exposition
  14. Why won't the midwife at first take Alyce back?  a) She's still mad that Alyce left.  b) She's still afraid that Alyce will steal her mothers.  c) She's playing a trick on Alyce.  d) She wants Alyce to prove she won't give up.  e) She wants Alyce to apologize.
  15. The part of the story where the midwife finally lets Alyce back into her cottage is the... a) climax  b) rising action  c) falling action  d) resolution  e) exposition
  16. One of the main themes of The Midwife's Apprentice is... a) Life sucks and then you die.  b) You must have confidence and persistence in order to succeed. c) You must work harder.  d) Life is hard, but it's worth it. e) Love is all you need.