Did you read it out loud?
Proofreading. All of these sentences came from "Messy Room" essays. Can you find and fix all 20 mistakes?
  1. That night I lay in bad thinking of all the A's and B's I could of got if I hadn't of turned my room into a land fill. (4)
  2. Unfortunately they have an extreamly foul stench that I think might eaven make a dog uninterested. (2)
  3. My room, it looked as if a dump truck barged through it and dumped it's trash all over. I quivered in dicust. (4)
  4. Sports equipment scatered all over the floor. (2)
  5. I had to check under the layer of close but soon enough I found my closet. (2)
  6. The smell of month old sandwhiches from you're school lunch. (3)
  7. Mom opens the door and screams "Your grounded". (3)