Thursday, 2/5/15.
Test tomorrow: vocabulary, types of sentences (SCC), Giver, Husker Du
Quick Quiz. (12p) Prep for tomorrow's test.
  1. After a long, busy day at work, Mr. McWhiner often comes home ______(ed).
  2. The Elders were very ________ about choosing the new receiver, but they made an error last time.
  3. Except for Jonas, people in the Community who can't or won't _______ are released.
  4. When Mr. Ingrate opened his last gift and saw that it was not the skateboard he’d asked for, he became very _____. 
    (Simple, Compound, Complex)
  5. What type of sentence is #1?
  6. What type of sentence is #2?
  7. What type of sentence is #3?
  8. What type of sentence is #4?
  9. Now that Jonas is experiencing deep feelings like anger and sadness, what does he realize about his family?
  10. (3) List three adjectives the Giver uses to describe the previously selected receiver who failed.

You have the rest of the period to complete your color essay. Use a pen. No notes.
When you get your rough draft back, you have three school days to post the final draft to your blog for grading.
Finish early? Read Giver, nap, do other homework.