Wednesday, 2/11/15. Vocabulary and SCC are collaborative. Giver Quiz is not collaborative.
Do all three while I return Color rough drafts. We will correct all three after.
"Vocab Warm Up, 2/11/15." Write the word. You will use words more than once.  (10p)
1. ______  2. _____    3. ______  4. ______ 
5. Although you might think they do, recent studies have concluded that cough _____(ants) don't really stop your cough.
6. On the last day of school, the kids ran ______(ly) through the halls.
7. After the second offense the punishment _______(ed) from chastisement to use of the discipline wand.
8. The people of the Community think they have created a utopia, but to us it looks more like a _______.
9. Since many people still don't understand the ________ of the problem of climate change, they think it's no big deal.
10. Jonas felt _______ after receiving the memory of war.

SCC Sentence Review.  (5p)
  1. #5: simple, compound, complex?
  2. #6: simple, compound, complex?
  3. #7: simple, compound, complex?
  4. #8: simple, compound, complex?
  5. #9: simple, compound, complex?
Giver Quiz for Chapter 20. (8p)
  1. The Giver has lied to Jonas before. a) True  b) False
  2. What does The Giver say is the worst part of  holding the memories? (1 word)
  3. What was the Giver's first sign that he had the power to receive memories like Jonas? 
  4. (2) What plan do The Giver and Jonas make?  (Include what each will do.)
  5. The Giver makes Jonas understand that _______ is the meaning of everything.
  6. What's the Giver going to do when his and Jonas's plan is finished?
  7. Whom does Rosemary turn out to have been? 
  8. Bonus: How long has Jonas been in training with the Giver?


Why the change? Better/Worse and Why.