Thursday, 2/12/15 - Tomorrow's Test: Vocabulary, SCC, Giver
Warm Up. Word. Yes. Yes. (11p)
1. ______  2. ______  3. ______  4. ______
5. Everyone in the library politely tried to ______ their giggles when Mr. Calandro walked into the wall while looking at his phone. 
6. Some teachers keep their classrooms very cold because they think it keeps the students from being too ____.
7. After the police mishandled the fight, it ______(ed) into a riot. 
8. He tried to ________ his income by selling knives door to door.
9. The Pills ______ the Stirrings, as well as deep emotions.
10. At the Ceremony, instead of frowning at the disturbance, all the adults ______(ed) the little ones up front and chuckled at their squalling and squirming.
11. The ______ of Bill Gates's wealth is staggering. On average, since 1986, he has made over $3700 per minute, 24 hours a day.

SCC. Simple, Compound, or Complex? No. (5p)
  1. #5?
  2. #6?
  3. #7?
  4. #8?
  5. #9?
Giver Quiz, 21/22. Write the answer. (5p)
  1. What causes a change in Jonas's plan? 
  2. What rule did Jonas break?  (Writing the letter is ok on this one only.) a) Leaving the dwelling at night.   b) Taking food from the Community. c) Taking his father's bicycle.  d) All of the above.  e) None of them; he's the Receiver-in-Training, so he can do what he wants.
  3. Jonas transmits memories of _____ to keep the planes from seeing them. 
  4. Name three of the things Jonas encountered that showed he was really outside the Community.
  5. Where are we in the story?  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) climax  d) falling action  e) resolution  f) NOTA
  6. Bonus: Which character doesn't belong with the others?  a) Mr. Mead ("The Pedestrian") b) Jonas  c) Gran-Da ("Old Glory") d) the Giver  e) Asher  f)Ponyboy
  7. Bonus: Which of the following is closest in its theme to The Giver?    a) "Old Glory"  b) "The Pedestrian"  c) "The Forecast"  d) The Outsiders  e) "Nothing Gold Can Stay  f) The Midwife's Apprentice


Why the change? Better/Worse and Why.