Thursday, 2/19/15

Use a separate sheet. Write out words like dependent and independent. If you earned extra Giver credit yesterday, be sure to record it also. (22pp)
SCC. Name:            Date:            Period:
Pink Sheet Part A: _____/10. Warm Up 2/18: ___/20

  1. When you use a dependent clause as a "sentence," that mistake is called a ________ .
  2. When you improperly combine two independent clauses into one sentence, it is a mistake called a _______.
  3. (3) What are the two ways you can properly join two independent clauses into a ________ sentence?  ______ or _______
  4. The FANBOYS are all a type of connecting word called coordinating _________(s).
  5. (4) Words like ______, ______, and ______ are a different type of connecting word called subordinating. They make the clause ________.
  6. The teacher walked into the classroom, greeted the students, and picked up the stick.   S, CD, CX
  7. Juan played football while Alexia played hockey.  S, CD, CX
  8. Your mom wanted to play basketball, but you were too tired.  S, CD, CX
  9. Although she ate cheesecake, she still had dessert.   S, CD, CX
  10. Slim passed the test since he studied hard.   S, CD, CX
  11. Some banks encourage savings accounts for young people. S, CD, CX
  12. Across the street from his house was a tepee.    S, CD, CX
  13. The llama is a quadruped with a beak for eating and fins for swimming.  S, CD, CX
  14. If you were a bird, would you like it?  S, CD, CX
  15. Rudolpho was upset because his mom ate the last of the cheese log. S, CD, CX
  16. Create one complex sentence out of the following sentences:
    a) His fingers make sounds.  b) The sounds are scratching.  c) They claw the battered desktop.
  17. Create one compound sentence out of the following sentences:
    a) Ulysses has a great jump shot.  b) Ulysses isn't quick on his feet.

Finish Giver movie.
Movie v Book?