Final Project Options for The Giver.
Choose ONE of the following options. The project is due ________.
Remember your main purpose: To show your knowledge of the book, NOT THE MOVIE! Any use of movie-related info/graphics/etc. will be punished severely.

Option 1. What's Up with That Ending? (75)
Many people are "dissatisfied" with the ending of  The Giver. Or they don't get it. What happened? Did they die? You tell us. In a well organized essay of at least 600 words, explain the ending of  The Giver as you understand it. Make sure you have read Lois Lowry's speech at the end of the book (p177-179), to see some theories others have had. The final product should look like this:
I. Summarize the ending as it is in the book.
II. State what you think is happening. Explain, in detail, each part of the ending, and what you think it means. Use evidence from the book.
III. Rebut possible objections. What might people say against your theory? What answers do you have?
IV. Conclusion. Restate your main points.

Option 2. A-Z Book! (60)

26 sentences—A-Z—that "capture" the book and its characters, themes, plot, lessons to be learned, etc.

Illustrate/illuminate each sentence.
Bonus for good use of vocabulary words.

Option 3. Book Cover! (60)
Flap 1: Summary—include at least two quotes. (200 words+)
Flap 2: Review—why should someone read this book, what can we learn from it? (300 words +)
Back: Two teaser quotes, review blurbs, and a graphic
Front: Title, author, appropriate (original) graphic

Option 4. Letter from Jonas. (60)
Assume that Jonas successfully escaped the Community to somewhere else. Write a letter, dated "one year later," to the Community from Jonas. The letter should be at least 600 words long and include:
Where Jonas is and how he's doing.
His explanation to the Community for his reasons for doing what he did.
Two pieces of advice from Jonas to the Community and why they should follow them.
A message for the Giver.