Warm up: Grammar Week Pretest:
Copy and label #1. Copy #2-12 and fill in the blanks.

  1.D'oh! I tripped very awkwardly and hit my big, fat head.
  2.noun : adjective : :  verb : ________
  3.________ = person, place, thing
  4.________ = which one, what kind, how many about a noun
  5.________ = "guest noun"
  6.________ = how or when or where you do something
  7.am, is, are, was, were = ________
  8.All of the above are also forms of the word ____.
  9.a, an, the are all ________(s)
  10.________ = connecting word
  11.________ = action word
  12.Most cuss words are ________(s).
  13.In the sentence, "He made a good play in the outfield", the word "play"
    is used as a(n)________.
  14.Use the word "screaming" in three different sentences; as a noun,
  15.as a verb,
  16.and as an adjective.
  17.Turn amuse (v) into a noun by adding a suffix.
  18.Turn amuse (v) into an adjective by adding a suffix.
  19.The word "love" could be either a(n) ______ or a(n) ________.