Grammar Review/Etc. Test (42 Points)
(If you are "exempt" and can prove it, skip 1-13.)
Part A (19 points) Copy and label #1. Simply answer the questions for the rest.
  1.(7) We beat a hasty retreat from(prep) his lair.
  2.noun : adjective : :  verb : ________
  3.________ = person, place, thing
  4.________ = which one, what kind, how many about a noun
  5.________ = "guest noun"
  6.________ = how or when or where you do something, is, are, was, were = ________(s)
  8.All of the above are also forms of the word ____.
  9.a, an, the are all ________(s)
  10.________ = connecting word
  11.What is a junction?
  12.________ = action word
  13.Give an example of an interjection.
Part B (13 points)
  14.Use the word "running" in three different sentences; as a noun, a verb,
  16.and as an adjective.
  17.Turn decorate (v) into a noun by adding a suffix.
  18.Turn skeptic (n) into an adjective by adding a suffix.
  19. Give an example of a skeptic.
  20.The word "hate" could be either a(n) ______ or a(n) ________.
Identify the part of speech of the underlined word.
  21. The climb up Walton mountan took us two hours.
  22. This apartment complex can house up to a thousand people.
  23. The suddenly famous actor couldn't take the pressure.
  24. We ran very early in the morning.
  25. "The early bird gets the worm."

Part C "The Other Foot" (10 points)
  26. When Hattie thinks about "tearing down walls", what do the walls represent?
  27.(2) What does the last line of the story mean?
  28.(3)Explain the "Bicycle Analogy" using a fictional pair, Fred and Jed, and their great-great-grandfathers. Remember, it ends with a question. The next two questions refer to this analogy.
  29.(2) When we say that Willie wanted that bike back, what do we mean?
  30.(2)When we say that the bike's been blown up, what do we mean?
Extra Credit: a) What does #25 mean?  b) A word like running (#14), that is a verb that sometimes acts as a noun is called a _ _ _ _ _ _ . c) There is an egregious spelling error above. Find it and fix it, get +1. Explain what egregious means, get +1 more.