Assignment. Prequiz.
Conducting Your Interview. If the statement is true, copy it. If it is false, fix it so it is true.
  1. True or False. Who, where, and when questions are more important than how, what, why questions.
  2. True or False. It is important to begin the interview right away, after you greet the person.
  3. True or False. As soon as possible, after the interview, you should spend some time thinking about the person and his/her answers.
  4. True or False. Questions should be as short as possible.
  5. True or False. Your questions should all have something in common.
  6. True or False. You should get permission before using a tape recorder.
TIPS for conducting your interview. (From MIT's Media Lab.)
Not all of them apply, but the article has some very good tips.

60 Seconds Presentation.
You have 10 minutes to prepare. 60 seconds to deliver.