Interviews with Our Elders, 2019
*Yasumoto, Remy: "Growing Up in an Internment Camp"   *Poletti, Ross:  "The Blind Guy Who Can Do it All"    *Alvarez, Thomas: "The Journey to Success"   
*O'Leary, Aubrey: "Our Lives Compared to My Pop-pop's"   *Ruiz, Isaiah:  "Grandma’s Life and Memories"    * Himelblau, Molly: "Justice Driven"     *Maxwell, Olivia - "The Wise Words of Nana"
*Marin, Brooklyn - "Stutter Fest"      *Senn, Diego - "Chuck, I Have Some Questions for You."     * Marcos, Samantha - "98 Years of Memories"
Period One.
Lopez Martinez, Alexis - "A Day In The Past Of Grandma"
Escalera Saucedo, Allison - "Interview"
Brosseau, Aminata - "Grandma's History"
Chechopoulos, Angelo - "A Blast to the Past"
Valenzuela, Ayden
Simmer, Braylen - "Learning About the Past"
Cambray Labra, Brittany
Gough, Caden - "Breakfast Chat"
Laiho, Davin - "The Old Days"
Crozier, Devon - "Story of my Grandma"
Garcia Granados, Esteban - "Life in Another Country."
Juretic, Garrett - "Interview"
Katics, Gwyndolyn - "A New Point Of View"
Moore, Hunter - "Interview w/Grandma"
Castillo, Jayden - "Philipines Past"
Kubacki, Joel - "Back in Time"
Reichmuth, Maximilian "Watching Jeopardy and Sipping Coffee"
Burnham, Mox - "It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Grandpa!"
Gonzalez, Nathan - "My Grandma's Past"
Luchetta, Samantha -"The Daughter of a Cabinet Maker"
Buscher, Serena - "Pre-War Grandpa "
Lucero, Shannon - "Exploring through Roland's Past"
Candelas, Tristan - "Old Gramps"
Robbins, Troy - "Witzyland"
Oviedo, Vanessa - "Remembering the Past"
Maulhardt, Wyatt - "The Shadow Knows"
Olivera, Zaryah - "Hawaii's Past"
Period Two.
Avina, Amani - "A Hard Life To Come By"
Shalhoob, Anatalia - "Back In Time With Grandpa"
Arevalo, Andrew - "Getting Hit with a Ruler"
Chaney, Avril - "On And On Again"
Backlin, Cade - "A Walk in Papa B’s Past"
Yuan, Chad - "From WWII to Vietnam"
Johnson, Christopher - "Learning With Nana and Papa"
Martinie Arguelles, Daniel
Flores Rodriguez, Diego
Bates, Eithan - "Once in a Lifetime Person"
Overton, Elizabeth - "Moments to Remember"
Curren, Gavin - "One on One"
Francis, Isabella - "A Walk in Grandma's Past"
Hudgens, Jace - "Then & Now"
Meyer, Jackson - "A Look into the Past"
Wheeler, Joseph - "Back to the Past"
Reyna Torres, Juan
Thandi, Mansimran - "Reminiscing with Grandpa"
Ayala Romero, Maylin - "Back and Forth"
Turnage, Noah - "Then and Now"
Daane, Samantha - "Midge’s Story"
Reading, Sarah - "A Story From Before"
Horzen, Shirley - "Great Grandpa Horzen"
Somma, Spencer - "Talk with Aunt"
Solis-Ruiz, Valeria - "Going into The Past"
Period Five.
Taylor Hall, Amelia - "My Train Loving Grandpa"
Shen, Andy - "Grandma's Great Adventures: Life During a Tough Time"
Yarasca, Brian - "Before I was Born"
Lanier, Cal - "Nilla Wafers Under the Couch"
Holman, Caleb - "WWII Grandma"
Navarro, Daniela - "Blast to the Past"
Viayra, Delilah - "The Air I Didn't Breathe"
Thandi, Dilpinder - "Taking It Back to the Past"
Delgado Rodriguez, Edgar - Grandma's Life
Cornwall, Estella - "A Glimpse into Grandpa's Past"
Ibarra, Issac - "Back in the Old Days"
Dean, James - "Back to the Past"
Barba, Joaquin - "1 Dog, Sports, and Vietnam"
Rice, Jordan - "The Mystery of Grandpa"
Chaves, Joshua - "A Glimpse into Grandma's Past"
Sokolowski, Kathleen - "A Step Into the Past with Phyllis"
Estrada, Kimberly - "My Grandma's Story"
Cubanski, Mae  - "Take a Walk in the Past"
Martinon, Mauricio - "16 Brothers to 11"
Keith, Myles - "A Throw Back in The Past"
Cooper, Nathan - "The Golden Age"
Bernstein, Nicolas - "Flashback"
Ross, Nolan - "Back to the Past"
Meza, Paola - "Today vs 1970s"
Merriam, Piper - "A Lifetime in an Essay"
Casares, Skyler - "Memories of the Past"
Bourroux, Solen - "Behind Grandma's Past"
Patel, Vidhi - "Take a Step Back to the Past"
Rondel, William - "Growing Up Fleeing the Germans"
Period Six.
Gonzalez, Adriana
Ashby, Alina - "The Past of Pamela Ashby"
Brewer, Ashley - "Interview with Nana"
Oetman, Benjamin - "Life in Michigan"
Otto, Benjamin - "What was it Like?"
Bryan, Calista - "Fashionable Nana"
Norrbom, Carson - "Gary's Life"
Smalley, Cash - "A Blast from the Past"
Walters, Celine - "The Past with Grandma"
Underhill, Dominic - "A Ride Down Memory Lane"
Mejia, Ezequiel - "Uncle Eze"
Panchal, Jay - "Kaka Harry Past"
Gonzalez, Jesus
McCall, Marin - "Grandma's Story"
Higareda, Matthew - "My Grandpa's Past and Present"
Kraker, Nathaniel - "Interview"
Holden, Noah - "Interview"
Pinckert, Payton - "Rambling"  
Tran, Sean - "Deeper in the Mind of Ma"
Rouse, Stephan - "A Look  into the Past"
Leonardo, Sydnee - "Once Upon a Time, On A Ranch Far Far Away"
Kawaoka, Tomo - "In the Life of My Grandpa"