Wednesday, 1/7/15
Correct "OG" Quiz if not finished already.
"Vocabulary Warm Up, 1/7/15."
1-10: Write the word. You will use words more than once.
11-12: Write the answer.
  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. The characters in The Outsiders are so realistic, that we _______(ize) with them and their problems. (You will have to change the ending of the original word.)
  6. Please _______ carefully to the instructions given.
  7. Which is more important, your genes or the environment you are raised in?  This is often called the nature vs. _____ question. 
  8. The teacher's crabby ________ sort of brought the whole class down.
  9. The root of this word means "to feel." ______
  10. In wartime, many supplies we take for granted become scarce, and people start to _____ stuff.
  11. "Old Glory" was written in... a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person
  12. The word utopia is a noun. Make it an adjective. _______
  13. What does this baby's motto mean?  (Hint: Think about question #7.) ------------->

Euphemism (n - U FEM ISM):
A "nice" way of saying something (usually) unpleasant. 
Examples: passed on = died, sanitation engineer = garbage man, waitress in the sky = flight attendant
  1. visually disabled =
  2. involuntary servitude =
  3. solid waste =
  4. landfill =
  5. economically disadvantaged =
  6. undocumented transborder migrant =
  7. vertically challenged =
Try making up your own euphemisms for...
a test
talking too much
getting an F

"The Pedestrian"  and  "The Forecast"  p196.
The typical teen spends almost _____ hours per week in front of a screen of one kind or another.

"Ped Quiz." Write the answer.
  1. The main conflict in "The Pedestrian" is... 
  2. "The Pedestrian"  is written in... a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person
  3. "The Forecast" is written in...  a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person
  4. Which of the following is closest in its theme to "The Forecast"?    a) The Midwife's Apprentice  b) "The Pedestrian"  c) "Old Glory"  d) The Outsiders  e) "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
  5. The word forecast in the poem refers to the weatherman's forecast, but it also adds another meaning for the poem. What else might the poem be forecasting?

The Giver?!