Thursday, 1/22/15
Tomorrow's "Test": Giver + Husker Du. We will probably have time for at least three 120 Seconds presentations tomorrow.
Giver Quiz. (12p) Write the ANSWER.
  1. (6) The Eights have at least three "firsts" that distiguish them from the younger kids. List each one and explain the reasoning behind their new responsibilities/fashions.
  2. (2) What happens if a young child dies accidentally?
  3. When the elders match spouses, which of these factors is not taken into account?  a) intelligence  b) disposition  c) aptitude  d) physical characteristics  e) All are taken into account.
  4. Which of these does not happen during the yearly Ceremonies in the Community?  a) Names are given to newchildren.  b) Assignments are given.  c) The Nines get their bikes.  d) The Inadequate newchildren are released.  e) All happen at the Ceremonies.
  5. What is our main conflict so far? (Hint: Trick question!)
  6. We are in the ________ part of the plot. 

  7. (Bonus) On p47 (3rd paragraph from the bottom) is the word scrupulous(ly). This word most nearly means... a) savvy  b) diligent   c) aloof  d) aptitude  e) disquieting  f) ________
  8. (Bonus) Do one or more SWBS for The Giver so far.  ("Somebody wanted_______, but ________, so...")

120 Seconds continues...