Thursday, 1/29/15
Tomorrow's Test: Vocabulary, Clauses, Giver, Husker Du.

Vocabulary Warm Up, 1/29/15. Yes. Yes.
  1.  Sending letters via “snail mail” is almost ______ as e-mail has replaced it.
  2. I tried to be as (in)_______ as possible as I passed the note in class, but Mr. Coward still caught me. 
  3. Much to her relief, the doctor said the tumor was ________. 
  4. The more closely you looked at the diagram, the more ______ it looked.
  5. unnerving : benign :: indolent : ________
  6. It had been raining so much that we _______(ly) planned the picnic for Saturday, but we also made other plans just in case. 
  7. The road wound _______(ly) through the rainforest, seemingly with no plan or destination..
  8. tropical : frigid : droopy : _____
  9. The _______ student copied his essay from the internet. (Not indolent.)
  10. After the insult she looked at him with a ______ stare.
Clauses III.
If an item is a sentence consisting of only ONE INDEPENDENT clause, write I.
If an item is a fragment consisting of only ONE DEPENDENT clause, write D.
If an item is a sentence consisting of BOTH, write either I + D or D + I.
  1. The llama is a quadruped with a beak for eating and fins for swimming.
  2. I like turtles because they are cute.
  3. When Jonas has received all the memories, he will be the new Receiver.
  4. Across the street from his house was a teepee.
  5. If you were a bird, would you like it?

  6. Bonus: When you improperly combine two independent clauses into one sentence, it is a mistake called a _______.

Giver 11-12 Quiz. (11p)
  1. (3) Besides sled, name three other memories that were new to Jonas.
  2. Why was it so exhausting for The Receiver to give Jonas the memory of snow? 
  3. The Receiver says he has _____, but not _____.  (Yes, the order matters.)
  4. The Receiver says he started Jonas off with memories of pleasure because that's what worked last time he trained a new receiver.  a) True  b) False
  5. Why does the Giver call himself that?
  6. Even though Jonas is forbidden to talk about his training, he thinks even if it were not, it still would be impossible to discuss things with his friends. Why?
  7. The Giver thinks they made a mistake when they got rid of color.  a) True  b) False
  8. Which quote foreshadows a conflict between Jonas and the community?  a) "I apologize for making you wait." p85  b) "She expected him to describe his first day of training." p85  c) "You're beginning to see the color red." p89  d) "We shouldn't have!"  p91  e) "Everyone in the community has one-generation memories." p88-89
  9. We are in the ________ of the story.  a) exposition  b) inciting incident  c) rising action  d) climax  e) falling action

120 Seconds