Monday, 6/1/15 (8) Late Start Schedule.
YEE #5

Message to 6th Grade. Singles or Partners.
  • Storyboard That! Comic (10+ panels)
  • Prezi?
  • Web Site?
  • Quiz
  • Newsletter
  • ???
  • Three Expectations vs. Reality
  • Three Good Things About Laguna
  • Three Pieces of Advice
  • One Euphemism
  • Upbeat and Funny
  • Proofread
  • All Content Items (15)
  • Mechanics (20)
  • Effort (10)
  • Creativity (15)

    Total: 60

Storyboard That! People:
If you have already used the site, log in with the account you already created. Just save this one into an appropriate folder.
If you are a Noob:
  1. Copy the following code : ever420
  2. Click the link below, and choose “I’m a new user.”
    Join Storyboard That
  3. Click on Google and sign in with your username and password.
  4. Join the classroom:
    a) The Classroom is Laguna-MS.  b) Paste the code in and  c) use your real first name and last initials.
  5. Storyboard it baby.
  6. Save to the appropriate "Mr. Coward's" folder.