Madlibs 3. Fold the sheet at the line, and hide the story. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate parts of speech. Then unfold, and transfer your words to the blanks in the story. The most creative ones get extra extra credit. Doodle the results on the back!
  1. adjective:__________
  2. adjective:__________
  3. noun:__________
  4. plural noun:__________
  5. adjective:__________
  6. adjective:__________
  7. verb:__________
  8. adjective:__________
  9. noun:__________
  10. adjective:__________
  11. number:__________
  12. verb:___________
  13. plural noun:__________
  14. verb:__________
  15. adverb:________(ly)
  16. noun:__________
  17. noun:__________
  18. noun:__________

     Congratulations to all of you 1)__________ mothers and 2)___________ fathers.  You are about to give birth to a(n) 3)__________. Remember, a happy child comes from happy 4)__________. The 5)__________ arrival will cause many 6)_________ changes in your life. You'll have to 7)_________ at four a.m. in order to give the 8)___________  9)____________ its bottle of 10)___________ milk. Later, when he's 11)___________ years old, he'll learn to 12)_________, and you'll hear the patter of little 13)____________ around the house. And in no time he'll be 14)___________ 15)____________, and calling you his "16)___________" and "17)_____________."  It's no wonder they are called little bundles of 18)__________.