Madlibs 4
The Three Little Pigs
1) adjective:
2) adjective:
3) plural noun:
4) verb (past tense):
5) adverb:
6) plural noun:
7) adjective:
8) plural noun:
9) a liquid:
10) verb (past tense):
11) verb (past tense):
12) noun:
13) verb (past tense):
14) noun:

The Three Little Pigs

     Once upon a time, there were three 1)___________ pigs who decided to build themselves a house. The first pig was 2)______________, and he built his house out of 3)______________. The second pig 4)_____________ very 5)____________, and built a house out of 6)___________. But the third pig was 7)___________. He built his house out of 8)___________ and 9)_____________.
     Then one day, a big wolf came along. When he saw the first pig's house, he 10)____________ and he 11)___________ until he blew it down.  Then he blew down the second pig's 12)___________. But no matter how hard he 13)______________, he couldn't blow down the third pig's 14)_____________.