Madlib© for "The Earth Men" Fold the sheet  on the line,so you can't see the paragraph. Then think of a word for each part of speech asked for. Unfold the sheet and fill in the numbered blanks with your words! (Original paragraph is on p25 of The Martian Chronicles.)
  1. adjective:
  2. plural noun:
  3. past tense verb:
  4. past tense verb:
  5. adjective:
  6. adjective:
  7. plural noun:
  8. plural noun:
  9. plural noun:
  10. plural noun:
  11. noun:
  12. verb:
  13. noun:
  14. past tense verb:
  15. adjective:
  16. noun:

     It was very (1)___________now; the (2)__________ (3)__________around and (4)__________ at the tables, which were strangely (5) __________ for banquet tables. Their (6)___________  (7)____________ were glowing, and there were dark (8)___________ under their (9)_________. The captain noticed for the first time that there were no (10)____________; the (11)__________ seemed to (12)__________ the walls. There was only one (13)_________. The captain (14)___________. "This is (15)___________. Where on Earth is this (16)___________? Is it near America?"
     "What is America?"