Wednesday, 3/4/15
Warm Up. Yes. Yes.
  1. ______
  2. Antonym for Figure #2: ______
  3. (2) Figure #3 shows the effects of sleep _____(ation) which is very ________ in today's society.
  4. (2) The Nazis used ______ to spread their ______ of racial hatred.
  5. During the Nazi occupation of Poland there was a(n) ______ shortage of food and other necessities in the Jewish community. (Not prevalent.)
  6. (2) The transfer of the 1936 Olympics to another country would have damaged Germany's _______, so they enforced their racist laws with less _____ during that time.
  7. It would not be very smart to show up for a job interview at a clothing store looking _____.
  8. Sixth period seems to like to interrupt the class with various ______(s) and random questions. 
  9. #3: S, CD, CX?
  10. #5: S, CD, CX?
  11. #6: S, CD, CX?
  12. #3: Prep phrase or not?
  13. #5: Prep phrase or not?
  14. #7: Prep phrase or not?
  15. #8: Prep phrase or not?

  1. Suddenly a llama appeared.  -- Add an adjective prep phrase and an adverb prep phrase. Keep the sentence simple.
  2. The UFO landed.  -- Add an adjective prep phrase and a dependent clause and end up with a complex sentence.
  3. His dog is named Snakefinder.  -- Add an adjective prep phrase and an independent clause and end up with a compound sentence.

Video of Art Spiegelman visiting the location. (10:00 - 13:49)
Also: Why he used cats and mice: (2:12--5:30)