Friday, 3/9. Welcome Guest Teacher.
You know the drill.
Prep sheet for Test #26:
Husker Du: ___/20       Vocab H/w:___/20     Vocab Practices: ___/12  ___/13  ___/12
Giver Quizzes: ___/10  ___/9  ___/10      All 1-1-1's so far: (7 x 5) ___/35
Last week bonus vocab? + ___  This week bonus vocab?  YES / NO
Other Extra Credit:

Mental Floss.
  1. These word pairs are not in relation to each other, but if you find their synonyms, the two words will rhyme. Example : Plump Feline = Fat Cat
    a) nondescript crustacean  b) old story  c) big boat  d) timid gnat  e) kiss dog
  2. Wacky Wordy:  EILN  PU
  3. Wacky Wordy: Long
  4. What word could GHOTI be an alternative spelling for?
    (Big Hint: RouGH wOmen loTIon.)
  5. James said that he was born on February 29, 1900. What birthday did he celebrate in the year 2000?
  6. If a daddy bull weighs 1,200 pounds and eats twelve bales of hay each day, and a baby bull, who weighs 300 pounds, eats three bales of hay each day, how much hay, then, should a mommy bull eat if she weighs 800 pounds?

Husker Du Section.
Period One.
26. The morphic part of anthropomorphic means...  a) changed  b) shaped  c) animal-like  d) human-like  e) nota
27. How does the German officer at the Prisoner of War camp know that Vladek isn't used to physical labor? a) He acts lazy. b) He tries to get out of working. c) His hands. d) He thinks Jews don't work. e) NOTA
28. Maybe the mall where the store was charged a high rent.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
29. The anthro part of anthropomorphic means ______
30. After I ate a doughnut, I felt rapturous.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
31. We climbed slowly up the very steep hill. a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
32. Jill drove the car out to the llama’s house.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause

Period Two.  a) reluctant  b) contented  c) barren  d) surfeit  e) prosperous  f) scowl  g) begrudge  h) lout  i) berate  j) graft
26. “The government doesn’t like us here. We have to pay big ____ to keep our business.”
27. He didn’t think the judgment was fair, so he only paid the money ______(ingly).
28. Some people in this class have such a _____ of points that they could skip a test, take a zero, and still have an A.
29. After being uncared for for so long, the fruit tree was ______.
30. True or False? The proverb “The early bird catches the worm” seems particularly appropriate to the subject of your paper, so you decide to quote it. You need to find a book of proverbs so that you can provide a citation.
31. Mr. Coward _____(ed) 6th Period for their behavior with the guest teacher. A seven? Really? 
32. Are there errors in punctuation, spelling, or grammar?   a) Currency  b) Relevance  c) Authority  d) Accuracy  e) Purpose

Period Three. a) intrigue  b) benevolent  c) apprehensive d) wheedle  e) sift  f) transgression  g) aghast  h) ebb  i) nondescript  j) enhance
26. I found your story _______(ing), but finally unbelievable.
27. “Why don’t you get a job?”   asked Steve.  “What?” Two-Bit was ____ “And ruin my rep?”
28. The upstairs library is a great place for quiet study.  Adjectives?  a) upstairs  b) great, quiet  c) upstairs, great, quiet  d) upstairs, great  e) NOTA
29. I think that llama is _____.   a) they’re  b) theres  c) their’s  d) theirs  e) NOTA
30. _____ llama is that?  a) whose  b) who’se  c) who’s  d) NOTA
31. The _____ lounge is usually off-limits to students. (More than one.)  a) teacher’s  b) teachers  c) teachers’s  d) teachers’  e) NOTA
32. I got all ____ on my report card.  a) A’s  b) As  c) ‘A’s  d) NOTA

Period Five.
a) vocational  b) whereas  c) inherent  d) focus  e) exceed  f) comprise  g) paradigm  h) dilemma  i)  daunting  j) volatile
26. Most human beings are _____(ly) social creatures who naturally seek out interactions with others.
27. Tomorrow’s test will ____ three sections: vocabulary, SAWs, and Husker Du.
28. The current ____ for education is more about collaboration than it used to be.
29. Many students, after high school, go to _____ schools instead of traditional 4-year colleges.
30. She faced a _____ about turning in her friend for cheating.
31. inspiring : daunting :: stable : ______
32. Reading Shakespeare for the first time can be rather ______.