Thursday, 3/19/15 - Lockdown Drill Schedule (per5).
Tomorrow's Test: Spelling (+ warm ups), Vocabulary, SCC, Maus.

Warm Up. * = spelling. ** = vocabulary.  No! Do you see it written anywhere!? Yes. Yes.
  1. (2) I called the *______ director at Google to *_____ my friend for the job.
  2. (3) My llama told me it was ______* that we not eat *_______ unless absolutely *______. (One order sounds better than the other.)
  3. (3) The hotel said the room could *________ up to ten people, but when we took *_______ of the room, we found that our *______ of nine people could not fit.
  4. (2) The *_____ of lightning storms forced the *_______ of the jousting tournament.
  5. ** ______ (Bonus: Who is this from Greek myth, and what is he being punished for?)
  6. ** ______
  7. ** ______
  8. ** ______
  9. ** We were completely _____(ed) by the amazing acrobatic performance.
  10. ** The emperor's armies _____(ed) the surrounding kingdoms.
  11. ** Their argument probably would have become violent if I hadn't _____(ed).
  12. ** (2) They separated all the people with _____ to an imaginary _______. (haha)

Lightning Round Test Practice.
  1. a) personnel  b) acclaim  c) referal  d) all correct
  2. a) occupation  b) recommend  c) occurrance  d) all correct
  3. a) committee b) essential  c) broccolli  d) all correct
  4. a) summary  b) trespassing  c) posession  d) all correct
  5. a) accommodate  b) embarass c) affectionate  d) all correct
  6. a) harassment  b) bulletin  c) cancelation  d) all correct
  7. Anja was _____ about not giving up Richieu until it was too late.  a) wallowed  b) mesmerized  c) interceded  d) resolute  e) NOTA
  8. Because Zoltan forgot his wallet, he couldn't buy broccoli.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  9. As part of his occupation, he had a llama with a leather jacket.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  10. It seemed essential to eat broccoli, but I watched tv instead.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX

 Log - 3/19/15. Collaborative. You will be able to use this on the test.
  1. (quote) What is one reason Artie says he became an artist?
  2. (quote) What does Mala say about how "Prisoner..." showed the way things were when Anja died?
  3. (quote) Find a quote on p109 that shows why Richieu was poisoned.
  4. How did Vladek and co. get caught in their attic bunker? 
  5. How does Vladek get Anja, Lolek and himself out of the group waiting for the trucks for Auschwitz? (Use a name.)
  6. What is a kombinator?
  7. What saved Vladek's life on p118?  (Use a name.)
  8. (quote) What is the symbolism of the pig masks at the top of p125?
  9. Why are the roads on p125 shaped like a swastika?
  10. Vladek thinks Mala cares only about...

Chapter 6: Mouse Trap.