Tuesday, 3/24/15
Warm Up. (13p) Vocab Review II. Write the word.
  1. ______ (list #1)
  2. ______ (list #3)
  3. ______ (list #6)
  4. "The government doesn’t like us here. We have to pay big ____ to keep our business."   (list #1)
  5. Unless you leave Laguna with some good reading and writing skills, you will _____ in high school. (list #2 - not meander)
  6. The plucky young girl stood up to the bully who was ______(ing) her, and he backed down. (list #3)
  7. "I am but a poor woman. I'm sure God does not ____ me my little economies."  (list #4)
  8. "From someone who had no place in the world, she had suddenly become someone with a _______ of places." (list #4)
  9. There was ______ news about a huge storm approaching.  (list #5)
  10. If you search more methodically, instead of so _________(ly), you will be more likely to find whatever you're looking for.  (list #6)
  11. Many rappers "sing" the praises of "bling" and _______ consumption. (list #6)
  12. The goal of immigrants used to be ________(ion), but these days people seem to like to emphasize their differences.  (list #7)
  13. He tried to ______ his income by selling encyclopedias door to door.  (list #8)

Grammar Time! With Special Guests:
Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla - Pronouns!
Mr. Morton! - Subject and VERB!
The Lollys - Advoibs!

Grammar Practice. (15p) The exercise below goes in your notebook. If you want to copy it onto your blue cheat sheet (using YOUR time, say tonight), you may.
Instructions: Copy the sentence below and above each word, label its part of speech. One is done for you. Bonus: What kind of word is and?

My llama rather likes his very hot oatmeal, and he quickly eats it with enthusiasm.