Thursday, 3/26/15 - Welcome Guest Teacher!
Tomorrow's Test: Vocabulary Review, Grammar Review (bring your cheat sheet), Maus, Husker Du.
Warm Up. Collaborative. No moving from your desk.
  1. ______ (list #8)
  2. ______ (list #8) 
  3. ______ (list #7)
  4. ______ (list #7)
  5. The teacher's crabby ________ sort of brought the whole class down. (list #5)
  6. The man thought the girl on the bus was _______ for talking to herself.  (list #3)
  7. Since there was no specific topic, the discussion _________(ed) on for hours and never got anywhere. (list #3)
  8. The codeine in your cough syrup is a ______ of the same plant that is used to make heroin. (list #2)
  9. After the second offense the punishment _______(ed) from chastisement to use of the discipline wand. (list #8)
  10. Sending letters via “snail mail” is almost ______ as e-mail has replaced it. (list #6)
  11. Much to her relief, the doctor said the tumor was ________.  (list #6)

MAD LIB! Use your blue sheet to make sure you have the right kind of word.
One point for each correct part of speech. Extra Bonus for creativity.  Solo! Instructions:
Fold along the line. Don't peek at the paragraph.  Fill in the the blanks with the asked for words. Be creative.
When you have filled them all out, unfold and transfer the words to the paragraph.  Enjoy the results!   Share as people finish.

Finish reading Maus, Chapter 6.  Maus Log 3/25-26. Chapter 6. Write the answer. Collaborative. Due by the end of the period.
  1. (quote) Why is Artie worried about portraying Vladek as he really is?
  2. Mala and Artie think that Vladek is such a skinflint because of his war experiences.  a) True  b) False
  3. (quote) Why is Anja's tail showing on page 136?
  4. How did Anja help Mrs. Motonowa's son?
  5. (quote) Why does Vladek want to go to Hungary? 
  6. (quote) What does Anja think of the idea?
  7. What sign did Vladek get that made him think the smugglers were safe?
  8. What is ironic about Vladek's decision to go and give their spot at Mrs. Motonowa's to Miloch and his family?
  9. Why does Artie call Vladek a murderer in the last panel (p159)?
  10. For each character, write a 1-sentence profile that includes: name, who he/she is in relation to Vladek/Anja, and one or two important things about him/her.