Friday, 3/27/15
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  1. Aviva was planning to take a trip around the world. She liked names that were similar to hers, so she made a list of places she would like to visit.  However, one of these places doesn't belong. Which one is it and why? (Yes, they're all real places.)
    Arrawarra (Australia), Caraparac (Peru), Daba Qabad (Somalia),  Krape Park (United States),  Ilokano (Polynesia), Nagubugan (Philippines),  Oktahatko (United States)
  2. What color is represented by this "word"?   BRLEUDE
  3. Cross out six letters and you'll find an easy word. What is the word?  SBAIXNLETATNERSAS
  4. Wacky Wordy:   AMUOUS
  5. The same 3-letter word can be placed in front of the four following words to create a new word. What word? 
  6. A firefighter stood on the middle rung of a ladder, spraying water on a burning house. He then climbed up 6 rungs before the heat of the flames caused him to come down 10 rungs. After some minutes he was able to climb 18 rungs to the very top of the ladder. How many rungs did the ladder have? (Alert: math)

Test #21

If you haven't finished ch6 and the questions, THAT is your first priority.
Maus Log 3/25-26. Chapter 6. Write the answer.
  1. (quote) Why is Artie worried about portraying Vladek as he really is?
  2. Mala and Artie think that Vladek is such a skinflint because of his war experiences.  a) True  b) False
  3. (quote) Why is Anja's tail showing on page 136?
  4. How did Anja help Mrs. Motonowa's son?
  5. (quote) Why does Vladek want to go to Hungary? 
  6. (quote) What does Anja think of the idea?
  7. What sign did Vladek get that made him think the smugglers were safe?
  8. What is ironic about Vladek's decision to go and give their spot at Mrs. Motonowa's to Miloch and his family?
  9. Why does Artie call Vladek a murderer in the last panel (p159)?
  10. For each character, write a 1-sentence profile that includes: name, who he/she is in relation to Vladek/Anja, and one or two important things about him/her.