iconic, daunting, anthropomorphic, aspire, saw (not the cutting thing or the verb), pogrom, pragmatic, skinflint, ambiguous, volatile (not the chemistry one)

  1. "A bird in the hand" is an old ________ which Mr. Coward likes.
  2. "Goofy" is an _________ dog, while "Pluto" is not.
  3. Second period can be a _________ mix of personality and energy.
  4. "Mickey Mouse" represents an _________ example of American pop culture.
  5. Some people consider the internment of Japanese-Americans, during WWII as our own ________.
  6. I can usually find a _____________ way to fix just about anything.
  7. The meanings of "cool" and "hot" can often appear to be _________.
  8. Making tests in a hurry can be a ________ task.
  9. I ________ to be a teacher when I grow up.

  10. My ________ uncle asked the man if he had change for a penny.
iconic, daunting, anthropomorphic, saw, pogrom, pragmatic, aspire, skinflint, ambiguous, volatile.
  1. Leonardo, Donatello, Rafael, and Michaelangelo are ____________ cartoon turtles.
  2. Doing your homework, before playing video games, is a __________ strategy for success.
  3. If you are tight-fisted with your money, people might call you a __________.
  4. It is ironic and __________ to call a missile "The Peace Keeper".
  5. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are ________ figures in American history.
  6. Historically, Russian Jews were victims of periodic _______ (s).
  7. Howard Dean's caffeine-induced "howl" showcased his _________ nature.
  8. Eating fifty hard-boiled eggs in one sitting is a very _________ task.
  9. The maxim, "killing two stones with one bird", twists around a traditional ________.
  10. An ambitious politician might ________ to one day become president.

  11. The directions were so ____________ that we got lost right away.

dissemble, collaboration, discriminate, segregate, idiosyncrasies, antagonist, ambivalence, objectivity, dilemma, diligence.
  1. Having to choose whether to drown or to suffocate would be a serious __________ .
  2. You must learn to ____________ if you hope to win at poker.
  3. The "bad guy" in a story is more properly called the __________ .
  4. If you cooperate with a known enemy, you are guilty of ____________.
  5. When you remove all the red jelly beans from a mixed bag, you _________ them.
  6. __________ are quirky, particular, ways of doing things.
  7. If you keep looking for all possible solutions, you are exhibiting ___________ and perseverance.
  8. Strongly felt mixed feelings exemplify _____________ .
  9. ___________ implies an impartial viewpoint.

  10. You ____________ when you choose one thing instead of another.
objectivity, dissemble, collaboration, , segregate, ambivalence, discriminate,  dilemma, diligence, antagonist, idiosyncrasies
  1. Persistence and ____________ will help you to succeed in life.
  2. A _________ is having to choose between two bad options.
  3. Poles who aided the occupying German forces were guilty of _____________ .
  4. You ___________ when you choose one option instead of another.
  5. But you _____________ when you separate different items from each other.
  6. Old people have many ____________ : odd habits they have developed over a lifetime.
  7. He tried to __________ when Mr. Indvik asked him where he had been; but his red ears gave him away.
  8. In Art Spiegelman's old comic strip, "Prisoner on the Hell Planet", Artie portrays his mother Anja as the __________ .  This surprises us, because Vladek, the protagonist of Maus, always portrays Anja as a perfect wife and mother.
  9. That comic strip lets us know that Artie views his mother with a certain degree of ___________.

  10. __________ allows us to view a situation in an impartial manner.