Thursday, 5/14/15 (19)  Open Haus Tonight, 6:30 - 8:00.
Warm Ups count as quizzes this week, but they are collaborative.
Warm Up. 1-12. Spin the Wheel of Doom to see which test the warm up questions will come from.
I will pick 12!

Maus II.
  1. What is a barrack?
  2. (quote) What was an Appel?
  3. (quote) What was a Selektion?
  4. (quote) Why does the tin shop foreman, Yidl, dislike Vladek?
  5. How does Vladek win him over?
  6. How does Vladek get Anja's kapo to stop mistreating her?

Maus II aloud.