The Martian Chronicles Final Projects. Choose one.
Option One. ABC book. · 26 sentences—A-Z—that "capture" the book and its characters, themes, plot, lessons to be learned, etc. Each letter should be illustrated!  Use as many of the "Big Idea" words as you can; at least 10 (mark them). Bonus for good use of vocabulary words.

Option Two. New story for the collection. At least 600-800 words. Should match in tone and style w/Ray Bradbury; very descriptive, a lot of metaphor, maybe a twist. Needs a "Big Idea." This one is worth 75 instead of 60.

Option Three. Poster featuring 6 stories from the book.
Each should feature:
Title of story.
Headline. ("This is a story about ________!" Use  the "Big Idea" words.)
4-5 sentence summary for each.
Quote from the story.
Pic that represents the story's theme or plot or characters.

Option Four. Character Trading Cards. Pick 6 characters from throughout the book.
Each one should have a picture of the character on one side, and the following information on the other:
Big Idea(s) Represented (w/example):
Three words to describe (w/examples):
Would Never:
Prized Possessions:
Might find him/her Reading:
What does the Future hold?
(Each card should have at least 100 words.)

Big Ideas that Lead to Themes.
"What is the Story REALLY About?"
Love Loyalty Friendship Faith
Survival Fear Loneliness Trust
Discovery Jealousy Sacrifice Courage
Overcoming Stereotypes Acceptance Justice Good vs. Evil
Perseverance/ Persistence Guilt Indecision Overcoming Difficulty
Difficult Family Situation Accepting Death Moral Dilemma Cultural Clash Traditions
Abuse or Mistreatment Finding Yourself Man vs. Nature (conflict) Growing Older
War Revenge Not Feeling Accepted Man vs. God (Religious)
Importance of Family Importance of Traditions Finding Happiness Wisdom
Fairness Unselfishness Following a Dream Discovering the Important Things in Life
Humility Generosity (vs. Greediness)