Martian Chronicles
hieroglyph, (im)perceptible, telepathy, sallow (adj), solicitous, peevish, neurosis, trivial, rigmarole
  1. One of the signs of liver disease is when your skin gets somewhat ________ in color.
  2. To build an addition onto their house, the Smiths had to go through a lot of ___________ with the city in order to get the right permits and such.
  3. Even though we had had arguments in the past, he was very _______ when we saw each other, asking after my family and my health.
  4. His annoying behavior was making the teacher quite ___________.
  5. The game _________ Pursuit has lots of questions about relaively meaningless shtuff.
  6. It is almost like my mom is capable of _____________. She can almost literally read my mind.
  7. He a had a little _________ about being tidy. He couldn't leave a room without cleaning it up.
  8. He made an almost ___________ movement with his head, but his teammate picked up on it.
  9. His handwriting was almost like __________(s). The teacher had to make him "translate."
       1. "I'm not speaking, I'm thinking," she said. "__________!"

  10.    2. Mr. K was "reading from a metal book with raised _________(s) over which he brushed his hand," much like a blind person would read Braille.
       3. (2) My mom knew I was up to something when I suddenly went from being __________ to being __________. I was never that nice without wanting something in return.
       4. He didn't get outside much, so he had sort of a __________ complexion.
       5. (2) Being _______(ic) might lead to ___________ if you couldn't filter out other people's thoughts from your own. You'd go crazy!
       6. The change in the room was almost __________; if you didn't look very discerningly, you wouldn't notice it.
       7. The Earth man thought that his muddy boots were a _________ thing, that the fact that he had come from another planet was much more important.
       8. The Earth men are going through a lot of _________ to try to get someone to pay attention to them.
blasphemy, caper(v), visage, lineage, delusion, relish (v - not the food), propagate, naive, aesthetic, cynical

   1. There are the ________(s) of four presidents on Mount Rushmore.
   2. The candidate's ___________ was impressive; two of his grandparents, and three of his uncles were senators.
   3. Apparently, second period was under the __________ that it was OK to interrupt the teacher.
   4. Dally was very _________ about life; he saw nothing good in it, and looked on the bad side of everything.
   5. Spender thought that littering on Mars would be like _________; the ultimate disrespect.
   6. The kindergarteners __________(ed) around the playground.
   7. In addition to being very functional and useful, the machine was also ___________(ally) pleasing.
   8. excited : disappointed :: savvy : _________
   9. The rumor seemed to __________ itself all over the school, until everyone had heard it.
  10. I really ___________ my time with my son.

   1. She scraped her knee _________(ing) around on the blacktop.
   2. Spender admired how the Martian culture was able to blend the _______ and the practical sides of life.
   3. In order for a species to survive, it must ___________ itself.
   4. One of the crimes Joan of Arc was burned for was ___________ against the church.
   5. He ate his hamburger with great ___________, savoring every bite.
   6. naive : savvy :: optimistic : _________
   7. During WWII, giant posters with Hitler's ____________ loomed from almost every wall in Germany.
   8. His family's ___________ here in the U.S. was very long, stretching all the way back to the Mayflower.
   9. (3) Some people say that it is only a __________that there is life after death, that we are being _________ to think that we are anything but worm food. But someone who is deeply religious might say that kind of talk is _________.

grotesque, cadence, aromatic, metamorphosis, censor, ruminate, elixir, transfixed, scapegoat, interim

   1. The Marine drill seargent counted the ___________ for the soldiers, "Left, right! Left, right, left!"
   2. The bed and bath store had many ______________ candles and soaps to choose from.
   3. The half-time show is the _____________ between the two halves.
   4. Supposedly Ponce de Leon was looking in the swamps of Florida for an __________ of youth.
   5. He wore a rather _____________ mask for Halloween.
   6. My little brother is often the _____________ for my misdeeds.
   7. Franz Kafka wrote a story called "The ______________," where a man wakes up to find he has become a huge cockroach.
   8. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the top fifty books of all time as far as being ________(ed), for its use of the word "nigger."
   9. The old man sat long hours on the front porch, rocking and  _______________(ing) on life.
  10. He stood, ___________ by the sight, unable to even blink.

   1. pretty : grotesque :: hero : ________
   2. (2) As the crowd moved closer, the Martian's face went through a ___________  __________, as he changed rapidly into the many different people the crowd was thinking about.
   3. "through nailed" = _______
   4. The wicked witch gave Sleeping Beauty a strange _________ that made her fall asleep.
   5. (2) As he slowly __________(ed), he ___________(ed) on what a fine day it had been.
   6. The rain on the metal roof had a __________ like a tin drum.
   7. The "Three Wise Men" supposedly brought the baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The last two were _________ resins (dried tree sap), used to make incense.
   8. The First Amendment to the Constitution is a guard against _________(ship) by the government.