The Midwife's Apprentice
Author's Note Questions
  1. True or False. Until the 1900's most births occurred at home.
  2. The word "midwife" literally means _______ _______ in Middle English.
  3. (3) She mentions three different types of women that used to be midwives. Name them.
  4. Medieval midwives did what they did because... a) it worked well.  b) it was always done that way.  c) it was in the midwife's handbook.  d) they all went to a few schools to learn.
  5. What were the "only medicines available to the medieval midwife"?
  6. True or False. A medieval midwife was often useful when something went wrong with the birth.
  7. What contributed to the decline in the use and status of midwives?
  8. Sage femme is French for _______ ________.